Production Capabilities

Established in 2004, Paumac Tubing is a manufacturer of precision metal tube bending/forming, using advanced and conventional tube forming and fabrication technologies. Process includes cutting, bending, end-forming, expansion/reduction, flaring, beading, slotting, pin stamping, leak testing, welding/robotic welding, and powder coating the tubes.

Engineering Handbook

Core Capabilities


Tube Bending

Close tolerance CNC and Manual Rotary Drawn tube bending.


Various end form features including expansion, swaging, slotting, beading, flaring punching and coining.



Mig and Tig welding to AWS industry standards for structural integrity and esthetic requirements.

Robotic Weld

Robotic weld cells to with multi-positional index units to present the best possible weld access and torch angles to ensure consistent weld performance with minimal weld spatter.


Powder Coating

Paumac Tubing’s in-house 5-stage Iron Phosphate powder coat paint system is capable of proving various color and finish textures with minimal change over time. This versatile system can handle product as large as 3’x5’x10’.

CNC Machining

CNC Machining centers allow us to provide production-based precision machining features and finishes.